Winter Weather

I, by education, am an aviation meteorologist aka weather guesser. I live in a rural farming and ranching community east of Columbus, Ohio.
My grandmother taught me a good deal of folklore meteorology usually it is not too far off. She has been gone for a number of years but still I use her saying when making predictions.
Here in Ohio it is deer gun season, I was visiting friends when several of the old times asked me about weather. I gave my observations then listened.
Mouse and rat population is strong this year.
Coyote population doubled from last year.
All outside animals have a very thick coat early. My horse is very fuzzy, fuzziest he has been in his 11 year life.
Deer are fatter and the bucks have a lot of antler irregularities. Irregularities are said to indicate cold weather.
Squirrel nests have dramatically increased in size.
Buckeye nuts have been eaten this year. Buckeyes are poisonous to a degree and are usually never eaten.
The harvest this year was good but I don’t like to include that in my observation as all the participants got a new generation of combine so the missed commodity is far lower than years past. Plant health was very good this year as well in my small part of the planet.
The old times are calling for a long winter. They think wet, late field entry in 2022 for spring planting. Winter wheat is popular this year.
Barns have placed a high value on a good moser cat and most have lost the barn cats to the exploding coyote population. I know a few are taking long range rifles deer hunting this year to get coyotes, Ohio is limited to shotgun slug or straight wall rifle for deer hunting, .308 and 5.56mm and the like are not allowed for deer but vermin are different rules.

Flying is very weather dependent. What do all of you see in your local winter future?
Folklore is strongly encouraged if you know any for your area.


  • If the birds are walking, I take the hint 😬
  • Walking Eagle, wise old man, entered politics. Still full of…..well he is walking because he is too full of….was call Senator, ran for that office but won something else. Flys on a big blue bird now.
  • Based on that weather prognosis, I am hoping to not see the wrong end of a scope!

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