PA32 wing tank removal

Tank will move out about 1/16th of an inch, then thats it. Took plastic putty knife and ran along all edges to make sure it was free. All screws are out, fuel hose removed from feed line.

Anyone have issue like this before? Using a piece of 1x2 wood and a mallet and tapping as hard as I feel comfortable.

Do I need bigger guns on it? How hard is too hard?



  • Thanks for writing. Let's see if we get an answer tonight. Otherwise I'll send the question to our association A&P Eric Rempert.

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  • Take a look at this vid and see if it helps.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

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    I saw this. It's pretty straightforward to removing these, but mine is deciding to demand my specific attention and to be called derogatory names.

    A friend had a hard time removing a wing tank because it had some kind of sealant on them, bit mine is loose enough to move just a small amount then stop.

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