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PA28 push button starter will engage and turn prop with no keys in the ignition and master on. 1965 Cherokee C. N8879J Jack. Check yours for safety.


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    The key in the Cherokee 180C only controls which mags are grounded. It has nothing to do with the starter motor. If the master is on and you ask the aircraft to start, it will try. This is normal behavior in the Cherokee 180C where the start function is not on the key.

    A plus with this split arrangement in very cold weather is that you can prime and turn the engine over without it starting prematurely. A failed premature start can frost over the plugs and you will not get it started without bringing them above freezing. I never thought this possible until I actually pulled a plug in this situation and found the electrodes encased in a chunk of ice!

  • Get that ice out of there and into a glass where it belongs! lol. Stay warm!

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