Navajo Gone to the Cosmetic Surgeon

Dropped the 'Ho off Friday for a full repaint and new interior. Two different teams, one on the inside and one on the rest. Hopefully back in 2 months. The interior team is very interesting. Global operations but happy to do GA or large airliners. I found them on some US information on interiors but saw they had an operation In NZ. I contacted them here and volia they were interested and capable. Bigger surprise they are owned out of here. They maintain a manufacturing base in Asia with a few hundred people and ship from there doing final fitting in its local operation. The results I have seen are excellent.

I could choose any material or colour combos and any patterns or design features. It's name is Generation Global.

What I have come to realize the last 3 years is any older aircraft are candidates for a full rebuild. Why? A new C172 is USD$500,000. You can rebuild very capable aircraft like a Navajo or whatever for way less. If I put brand new engines and props on with some.more avionics including new autopilot etc this aircraft would owe me less. Brand new paint and not basic matterhorn white, leather interior, windows, engines, props and avionics. A single higher performance for way less because no Class three equipment.


  • Sound like a great plan, post some pictures of the final product when complete.

    Garmin Everything

  • John, Did you finish this project? I’d love to see some photos.

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  • Unfortunately in the hands of lawyers at the moment. I will tell the whole story when the aircraft is back. A serious wake-up call even when everything is agreed including overrun approvals.

  • Man plans. God laughs.

    Despite the drama, hope that the plane fly's well (once getting it back).

  • A Navaho. Wow, what I wouldn't do for a ride.... in the left seat. 30 years in Seneca's and that would have been a great step up!

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  • John:

    Anything additional you can share about Generation Global? I am considering ordering a complete interior kit from them. Airtex is a 19 week wait - Generation Global is about 3 weeks and about the same price as Airtex but with ALL leather. Were your issue with the quality of the product, installation or overruns? Anything you can share would be much appreciated.

  • I have had no problem with them at all. In fact it looks like the aircraft will be back soon. I had an issue with one of the other providers. I was talking to another pilot today about flying it back as I don't want see the paint guys because I might tip paint over them. We were talking about the interior and a Challenger he flies has just been refitted by Global. He then mentioned another guy I know got his Global Express refitted by Global and the result was stunning. Those Global guys are real pros and do not charge like wounded bulls. Highly recommend. I think how they re doing it is they have extremely accurate patterns or blanks or something like that. They fabricate in a large plant which they own and operate. They are able to provide whatever customisation as a result. Then they fit the interior to the aircraft. You would have no idea that they didn;t sew on the seats direct. I know they also do narrow body commercial jets. I will post photos when it is back.

  • John,

    Wow that looks fabulous. The stitching, design and materials look rich. Overall a very comfortable ride for your lucky passengers. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Garmin Everything

  • I am wrong about the carbon fibre. it is just the flash off the table. All materials FAA fire compliant also.

  • That is impressive. You did good.

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  • Beautiful!

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