Only Six Cherokees to Oshkosh Clinics Remaining. Next is KXNX Gallatin, TN April 22-24

We are getting close. Just six clinics left throughout the country. You must participate in at least one in order to fly the Cherokees to Oshkosh (CtO) Mass Arrival at EAA Airventure. 

CtO clinics are open to all Piper PA28, PA32, PA34, and PA24 aircraft. Grumman aircraft also participate with the Cherokees, including AA-5B, AG-5B, AA5, AA1, AA1A, and AA-1B planes. There are other type groups for Bonanzas, Cessnas, Mooneys, RVs, Warbirds, etc. 

This weekend’s clinic (April 22-24) is at KXNX in Gallatin, TN. The remaining clinics are:

May 13-15 KTZR, Columbus, OH

May 20-22, KJEF, Jefferson City, MO

June 3-5, KFKA, Preston, MN

June 11-12, S33, Madras, OR

June 24-26, KGDW, Gladwin, MI

No need to freak out about flying the Fisk arrival at OSH. Eliminate the stress. Arriving with a Mass Arrival group is THE BEST way to go to OSH. Airspace is cleared for the mass arrival groups, each of which has a scheduled arrival time. Groups have hospitality tents, camp together and you can learn a lot about your aircraft from pilots with similar planes. The social aspect makes OSH that much more fun. There are many opportunities to share with each other what to see or skip while at OSH. 

Don’t wait to register for a clinic or hotel rooms. Clinic hosts have reserved blocks of rooms, and some are only being held to specific dates. Details are on the Cherokees to Oshkosh website on the Schedule page. There are alternate motels near all the clinics, if you can’t get a room, use the contact form on the website to connect with the host of the clinic you will attend (pop-up menu on the form). The host should be able to connect you with lodging. Many hosts also arrange for ground transportation at the clinics. 

Again, don’t wait to register, clinic hosts need to know how many pilots to plan for and how many experienced pilots they will need to assist as safety pilots for first time participants. Because we continue to improve our procedures, clinic participation is mandatory for all who wish to fly the mass arrival no matter how many times you have flown with us in the past or your level of formation flying experience. Flying with dozens and dozens of planes is fun, but everyone needs to understand the procedures and safety protocols. Our participants vary from recreational flyers to ex-military pilots, current and former airline pilots. Some have 200 hours PIC (the minimum requirement) and others have over 30,000 hours. Safety is our number one priority. Take a look at the ground school videos on our website. Go to the “Documents “menu item and “CtO Training Resources” submenu. Viewing the ground school videos are required for participation in the clinics, but if you are wondering if this is for you, they can give you a sense of who we are and how we operate. 

Unlike the other mass arrival type groups, there are no charges for CtO clinics, though you may be asked to chip in to cover the cost of lunches and snacks. 

Details at

Thanks to Jay Selman from Jaybird Aviation Photography for permission to use his photos taken at Cherokees to Oshkosh Clinics this year. 


  • I plan to do a clinic for group arrival in 2025. What is the closest clinic to North Texas?

  • Are they at the same locations every year? I see one was at Mt. Pleasant, TX in 2023

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