Piper Dakota - Flight Deck (Aspen Evolution Pro Max PFD and MFD, Garmin GTN750Xi, and GNC355)

Here is a quick rundown of my Piper Dakota:

Aspen Evolution Pro Max PFD and MFD, with redundant RSMs and full reversion, Angle of Attack indicator, Synthetic Vision, TAWS, JPI-730 Engine Analyzer, working Air Conditioner! Carb Ice Detector, Piper AutoControl 3B+STEC 60 PSS getting replaced in June with Genesys STEC 55X AP with Aspen Advanced AutoPilot integration to add Altitude Pre-select, IAS, etc. Garmin GTN 750Xi, and GNC355 WAAS Navigators, GTX345 Transponder, GMA35 Remote Audio panel, GDL69 Sirius XM receiver (with Garmin GDL 52 backup AHRS, and ADSB and Sirius XM), Flightstream 210. I will have a new laser cut panel added when I do the Autopilot upgrade. Excited. She is a beast of a plane with 1,146 pounds useful load.


Robert Alexander

1979 PA-28-236 (Piper Dakota)


  • HiTechRob;

    Beast is an understatement.

    That is a beautiful, very nicely equipped panel!

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

  • Love it... I'm still waiting for my quote on an Aspen 3 display PFD/MFD, JPI EDM-900 and working on upgrading the autopilot from a System 30 to the 55x. Engine is at TBO now (May) and is going in for annual in October, so that's when everything should get done. Fingers crossed.

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