Anyone using the PILOT CO CHARGER?

Hi All,

Just about to purchase the PILOT CO CHARGER to replace my nasty large white CO-detector which I always end up knocking off and stuffing in a pocket.

Does anyone have ay experience?

Looks like a nice solution and way cheaper than a panel mount.

Cheers.. Ed

Ed Powell


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    Do not have experience with that device.

    Do have experience with the Forensics CO detector:

    I leave the Forensics unit active all the time and double check that it is still active as part of the startup checklist.

    Battery lasts a very long time. Changing batteries is easy, it takes a common CR2032, and I carry some in the flight bag (extra two or three as I have experienced dead new ones once in a great while).

    On occasion the Forensics device will alert during run-up and opening the left seat window allows enough fresh air to lower the CO level to quiet the device.

    When the Forensics unit detects CO at a level for alerting, it is loud enough to hear the chirp over the engine and through the headsets; when alerting, the unit also flashes a red LED. Good luck getting one of the 'card' type detectors to get your attention that way 😉

  • I'm using the Guardian panel mount. Expensive but it also includes a pulse oximeter. It's convenient and works perfectly.

    Scott Sherer
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  • I like the panel mount option. Maybe when I installing an ELT I will do that at the same time. Thanks for the remind of the Guardian solution.

    Ed Powell

  • totally agree regarding the 'card' type.. Thanks for sharing.

    Ed Powell

  • Which model do you have? I didn't see one that showed the pulse oximeter on their site.


  • I just checked their website. It looks like they're not selling it anymore. Too bad, excellent unit :(

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • noting that the Sensorcon unit was recommended in the November 2021 issue. It's not a typical in-panel mount but you can Velcro it to somewhere on the panel.

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  • Rocky, I also have the Avcon unit. It does have a mount for the panel too. I have tested it in a plane that has an exhaust smell during steep descents and it registers CO immediately <30

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • I have the unit Rocky pictured above. It works very well. Senses and displays readings from 1ppm and up. The unit single-beeps an alarm at lower levels and double-beeps at higher levels of CO. The beeps are not loud enough to warn adequately in-flight, but it also flashes 4 LEDs around the display to indicate an alarm level. I recommend keeping the device within your field of vision.

    I can't comment on battery life, as I have not left it on continuously, and I have only had it since December.

    It has a clamping device on the backside that allows it to be clipped to any suitable surface.


  • I too have the Sensorcon. As part of my avionics update I need a filler plate for a Stormscope that was removed. I 3D printed a blank with holes for the Sensorcon bracket. Works good but I’d like it tilted towards the pilot so I’m going to update the design when I get a chance.


  • I too have the Forensics unit:

    It works well and has good battery life.

    During taxi when the breeze is just right with the door open it will read 10 to 15 ish indicating it is working and picking up trace CO. It always has gone back to zero shortly after or during takeoff.

    I like the portable units (non-panel mount) because, as Paul Bertorelli says, I'm a "Cheap Pilot Bas+^rd" and they need replacement of at least some of the sensing components periodically to remain reliable. So when it is near its life expectancy order a replacement and swap with the old one... no downtime waiting on factory repair updating and recalibration.

  • Love the exact reading on the units above! Certainly something that PILOT CO CHARGER does not provide.. Given the cost the fact that it provides me with a USB-C charger for my video camera I am going to see how it performance.. Will let you know.. Thanks for all the comments.

    Ed Powell

  • Have been running with the PILOT CO CHARGER for a few months now.. Really like it.. USB-C is useful and it looks good. Only issue I have is occasionally the connection on the Cigarette lighter breaks and needs to be tapped..

    Anyone know an easy on the socket which would prevent this from happening?

    Ed Powell

  • Ed,

    Great looking panel!


  • Thanks Ben, Makes instrument approaches and holds a dream. Also 430 is really nice as a backup for when runways change and things don't go according to plan.

    Ed Powell

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