Lake Superior, Anyone?


My wife has been nudging me for a trip to Lake Superior this summer. Finding the airports is no problem - they're all in Foreflight! Finding a place to stay is proving much harder. She really likes the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, but a campground or Motel-6 will definitely be no-sale.

Any suggestions on where we should stay?




  • VRBO and the likes are not options?

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • That's a good idea, there are quite a few LS properties listed.

    What's your experience with VRBO, good, bad or otherwise?

  • Vrbo works easy - but the thing you have to make sure you do is chose a place with a good review history

  • We VRBO, Air BB all the time. Only time I do hotels is for overnight only stays where the cleaning fees don’t make sense for short stays.

    One of the nice things about using those services as many times the home owner actually has things like bicycles, beach toys, kayaks and soon to use at the property. You are going to pay through the nose at a hotel for stuff like that. It’s always a good idea to inquire before you make a reservation about what items are available to use at the property.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • Thanks for the tip; I will definitely try VRBO for our next trip.

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