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This weekend I received a text message from someone "named" Danielle from phone number 307-228-4010 that claimed she saw my posting on this site for an airplane tug. She claimed to have a Redline Sidewinder for a Piper that she was selling and sent me pictures of the equipment. We agreed on a price and when asked how she wanted to arrange payment, she wanted a Zelle transfer and provided an email address and her full name Danielle Gutierrez. I wasn't comfortable with a Zelle transaction, and she said she had no way to accept a credit card. She then offered to accept half the money up front and the rest on receipt of the equipment. I was OK with that, but my bank immediately flagged her address as a security risk and delayed the payment. Danielle then asked me multiple times to call my bank and approve the transfer, which I did not do and instead called my bank to make sure none of the funds were released. I tried to call Danielle, but she would not actually answer the phone. I then texted her and told her I was still interested in the equipment and would accept a COD delivery of the equipment, which Danielle refused to respond to. So, for what it's worth to anyone else on here, there are scammers everywhere and I'd hate to see anyone get taken advantage of.




  • Posting up a wanted add invites the scammers like a moth to a flame. Sounds like most of the red flags were there. You should file a complaint on Www.IC3.gov to get it in the system.

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  • Thanks for the post, Dante. Very much appreciated.

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