Thanks group for the many intelligent replies about going past TBO.

Now here’s a harder one. The Lycoming lead time is running a full year. That said, please share why (!or why not) it makes sense to buy a 1000 hour i0-360 from a reliable dealer like Wentworth? Provided of course it comes with impeccable logs and whatever event caused the event was NOT a prop strike resulting in sudden engine stoppage. Again logs must be impeccable.

One A&P sez it’s a reasonable move and another sez no way Jose.


Remember Mike Busch speaks about infant mortality in brand new engines up to about 200 hours…so that’s no guarantee either.

Awaiting opinions please and has ANYONE here ever purchased a used Piston engine and please share your experience if you would ever do it again.

You guys Rock.😀

Thanks Group




  • Scott,

    Are you planning on installing the Wentworth engine straightaway, or sending it out for overhaul (or at least an IRAN) first?


  • Bob- I would have my A&P who i trust implicitly check compressions, and Boroscope and if and only if he likes the logs ,just install it along with new hoses where required.

  • Scott, in that case, and no disrespect to anyone’s capabilities,I’m firmly in camp two: no way Jose! Bob

  • got it!👍

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    I've seen used engines fail within hours (had been inspected, borescoped, etc.), and I've seen them run for years. No other way to say it: it's a roll of the dice.

    The biggest issues with anything used are the unknowns. Even a borescoped, compression tested, and inspected engine could be hiding flaws. The flaws may be fatal, or they could be barely detectable. In our case, the used engine started making metal 25 Hobbs hours after installation. In the end, the used engine required an overhaul, which was what we were trying to avoid in the first place.

    I don't know if anyone keeps statistics on new engine infant mortality, but I'm willing to bet it's substantially less than used engines from a wrecking yard. Just my opinion.

    The question to ask yourself is: how much risk am I willing to accept?

    My thoughts: flying already has enough risks, and falling through 4,000 ft is not the time to wish you had spent the extra $$ for the better engine. Without an IRAN, I'm voting the same as Bob, I'd take a pass.

    There is another option: buy the used engine (or a run-out core engine that's the same model as yours), and send the core engine in for rebuild/overhaul. Continue to run your current engine until it's time to euthanize. If the stars align, the rebuild will be done about the same time as your engine needs to be replaced. Swap engines, and sell your current engine to recover the core value. You have a new engine and minimal downtime.

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

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