Looking for 1978 T-Arrow III history records

Hello Piper fanatics,

I own a 1978 EASA registered PA-28R-201T since 2018.

The aircraft has crossed the Atlantic in 1993 but I'm still missing its "history" while it was flown in the USA.

At that time, it was registered N6387C and its S/N is 28R-7803224.

I know (from Continental) that the aircraft received a factory new engine in Oct 1992, apparently shipped to Suburban Aviation, Ottawa lake, Mi 49267.

I'm still wondering why, in 1992, they put a factory new "F1B" version under the hood, limited to 1400h TBO...

If ever, on this forum, anyone could provide any details related to this turbo Arrow's "American dream" period (1978-1993), this would be great !

Many thanks.



  • If not already done, pull 337s as that will help with some of the history if there were any reportable modifications / alterations.

  • Great !

    Looking forward to get any info.

    Thank you.


  • The request by the FAA is done & the 10$ fee paid.

    I'm now waiting for the CD.

    By that time, if anyone (previous owner, mechanics, etc...) recognize the bird, don't hesitate to post.



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