Osh Arrival- Cherokee 6, are you kidding me me?

Saw this Osh vid and was like, are you serious? Not only is this plane unairworthy in my opinion, I seriously question the legality of the N numbers as well.

Fast forward to 3:10 and look for the blue and silver-ish Cherokee 6. Please explain to me what I’m looking at.


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  • U74,

    Are you referring to the tail low, and nose strut nearly fully extended attitude while taxing? And that it appears the main struts are nearly fully compressed?

    I can't tell exactly, but it looks to me like two full-grown adults are seated in the rear or third row, and one is seated in the middle. The resulting nose high, low riding attitude is pretty common in the 32/34 airframes when the load is heavy and too far rearward. It probably sits correctly on the ramp when empty.

    You're right about the N-numbers. However, looking at many of the other arrivals I notice they don't display N-numbers either, or the camera angle is shot so that the wing or stabilizer obscures them from our view. I'm betting ASV has to get a release from every owner before including the video in their montage, and if they don't get it, they "photoshop," it out of the final cut.

    BTW, what really jumped out at me in that video was several of the warbird and military pilots. Despite the nasty, gusty crosswinds, they absolutely NAILED the landings!


  • Maybe he wants it "squatted" (pickup truck fad that is rapidly being outlawed in many states).

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  • I don't see why they would need a release. There is no REP in public.Airport, at a publiuc airshow, knowing you are flying in with a huge audience, would blow any REP arguement out of the water. Otherwise, ever person driving a car through a shot during a news cast would have to have one; impossible.

    As to the C6, yea, even with the airframe at gross, the mains will not litterally drop to the stops. Adding that much weight, to cause the struts to drop to the ground, would leave any PA32 so far aft on CG I doubt it would even get airborne without immediately stalling. One of the guys at Beechtalk said he watched it taxi and the empanage hit the ground a few times during the taxi.

    In any case, I seriously question the legality of that flight be it waaaay over gross or flying with two blow main struts. Somthin' ain't right.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • This afternoon I talked to Ryan Sundheimer, who owns AirshowStuffVideos, the company that produces the Oshkosh videos. He tells me they do not require a release from owners, so I’m wrong on that guess.

    He also pointed out FAR 45.22 (b)(1), which allows for 2” letters on certificated aircraft that are 30 or more years old. And if you watch that video in zoom mode you’ll clearly see, about halfway up the vertical stabilizer, the N number displayed in what probably are just barely 2” letters. According to the FAA database, the number is registered to a Cherokee, so it looks like the registration and its display are legit.

    As far as the low rider business, I’m going with Griff’s explanation! :-)

  • He could solve that weigh & balance / attitude problem the right way by installing a trailer hitch on the back of the plane. 🙃

    Hmm. Do you think I could get an STC for that? lol

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  • Scott: yup; send your application to NHTSA!

  • I got to thinking about this photo. If it were me I may have had my rear seat pax move all the heavy stuff and themselves to the far back to get that prop high off the ground to avoid a prop strike when taxing into the grass.

    Also possibly nose strut over filled for that very reason.

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