I need new CS prop for 1964 Cherokee 235

Well, I am in the market for a propeller for my 1964 -235. Took my 2 blade HC-C2YK-1B in for overhaul and received the bad news today. It has to be replaced due to corrosion that cant be repaired.

MT only has the STC for the -236 which leaves me no choice other than Hartzell which closed their order books for 2022. Anyone have any ideas?



Sean Sullivan
1964 Cherokee 235
Based at KFWS
Fort Worth, TX


  • Have you called around to prop shops around the country to see if they have anything in stock? New or used? I've had very good luck doing that over the decades.

    Scott Sherer
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  • I replaced the two blade prop on my PA28R a couple of years ago. I still have the two blade prop, intact with hub. If it will interchange with your engine and you are interested in it you can email me at pmgcpa@alumni.utexas.net or call me on my cell at 830-583-5491. I’ll refer you to my mechanic who is holding the prop at his shop.

    P. Malcolm Gulley, CPA

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    I'm not so sure there are other options for that plane. Around 2018 there was a 235 flying with Cherokee's to Oshkosh that had to be left at Waupaca WI for a VERY long time waiting for a prop. They did get a brand new one for it if I remember right, but it's not a common prop for a vendor to stock. It was a fixed pitch that some very early 235's had, and that made it a custom order. This is from memory, and I hope it's wrong.


  • Many people have found solutions at propellerman.com as well as www.aircraftpropellerworks.com

    Good luck.

    Be sure to keep the blades if only the hub is bad.

    Here are your options from the TCDS:

    McCauley 1P235PFA80


    Hartzell HC-C2YK-1/8468A-4 or HC-C2YK-1( )F/F8468A-4


    Approved for Use with O-540-B4B5 Engine Only:

    Sensenich M80BMM or 80BM8

    Pitch from 69" to 71".

    Propeller Spinner Piper P/N 65209-00 or P/N 63760-03 with fixed pitch propeller. Spinner required.

    Piper P/N 65435-0 or P/N 68713 or P/N 66785 spinner tip and P/N 66786 spinner shell or P/N 67790-0 spinner, P/N 67791-0 bulkhead, P/N 67793-0 bulkhead and

    P/N 99499-0 plate. Two each P/N 67794-0 cuff, or Kit 760 452V with constant speed propeller.

    See NOTE 14.

    John Schreiber
    A&P, IA, CMEL

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