PIREP - Parmetheus G3 Landing as Taxi Light

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Mistakenly ordered the Parmetheus G3 landing light pattern for the taxi light and decided to try it anyway. Figured that worst case was that I would turn on the wingtip landing lights if the pattern was too narrow for taxi operations.

Observation: Works well and am going to keep it even though the pattern is tighter than a taxi light's spread. Perceived light output is notably better than the Parmetheus Plus that it replaced (read: worth the upgrade).

As a taxi light, the landing light pattern makes for a tighter hot spot, and it was still good enough at spreading some light out to the periphery. Even with the tighter beam, I did not find a need to flick on the landing lights to fill-in the landscape.

As a landing light, observation is equally positive. I am lucky enough to have a landing light in each wingtip, and now having a 3'rd one (producing more light than its predecessor) from the nose is a nice improvement.

Previous taxi light was the Parmetheus Plus taxi (P36P2T) which was barely better than filament from my perspective. A previous owner did the upgrade. Not looking to start any wars over the perceived light output, but this was my eyeball observation. the Parmetheus Plus just did not produce enough output to light the area well enough and I complimented with the landing lights during taxi.


  • JOOC if you rotate it 90 degrees, does the beam pattern become more "taxi like"?


  • On the PA32RT-300T, all you get is one light in the nose. I’ve been running the G3 Landing light since they dropped. It’s so stupid bright that a taxi lens seems irrelevant. Once my wing tips go on, it will be three G3s with landing light lens. Cant wait.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

  • it won’t. Each lens is centrally focused. On the taxi outer lens, there is a diffuser that scatters the focal point creating the wider spread, with less throw distance.

    for a small, slow landing plane I don’t see why you could not use a taxi G3 for the landing light. Something like a Comanche, PA32, Malibu that is landing with speed, I’d stick with the landing light lens if there was only one hole to fill.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

  • Unit74, Did not want to go off topic in this thread with the wingtip lights, but now that we are there... The plane also came with Parmetheus Plus in the wingtips (legacy by today's standards). Was not impressed with their performance either. Replaced one with the Parmetheus Pro and it too is a nice improvement over the predecessor. Lighting is now good even with the one remaining Parmetheus Plus, but it too will come out in time. Point is, take a look at the Parmetheus Pro for the new wing tip lights rather than the G3.

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