Part number

I just purchased 1979 PA28-236 Dakota. Prebuy and annual went well. Flew it 550nm home and all was good. The next day I’m on a flight and notice voltage is 12.1v. Got a battery charge and did run up and still 12.1/12.4v.

Got it in the air to get it home and then it starts charging again 14.0v.

Ordered a batteryminder and charged over night and battery shows fully charged. Start engine and back to 12.1v.

I’m suspecting voltage reg first. Anyone got the parts numbers for regular, and alternator.

Any other potential ideas? I checked for loose wires and all looks good.

thanks, Damon


  • A bit more detail, please. What setup are you using to determine battery voltage A) in flight B) on the ground ? I'm asking because I can't determine if your battery is good or bad independent of your airplane's systems.


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