Piper announces SSL-503 service letter on most single engine aircraft regarding lower wing skins

This service letter announces a kit to install an inspection panel on the lower wing on most Piper single engine aircraft. This is good news!

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  • This is for access to fuel pump senders. There is at least one vendor that has these for $98. At that price, I would suggest buying it even if you have no immediate intention of installing. What happens with these kits is after the rush of first adopters the orders just trickle in and then the suppliers no longer stock, it is custom, or just no longer made. Perhaps not with this one as it is simple but there are plenty of SB in the records where the cited service kit is no longer obtainable.


    Eric Panning
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    Can you say at what station (WS) this panel is installed and if fore or aft of main spar? Also, would I need one kit for each wing?


  • It looks the letter answers your questions. It comes with 2 covers, so depends on fuel sender quality? I assume aft, since wouldn’t forward put you in the tank?

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  • Hi, it seems like these should be easy to fabricate. I assumed that all inspection panels were the same and readily available. Is that not the case?

    Jeremy Olexa, N2471U 1979 PA28-181 Archer II. Minneapolis, MN (KMIC)

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