Legal Control Yoke?

Anybody ever seen one of these. I can't find anything on them. A customer bought this PA28-180 and we are doing avionics in it and I am not sure what to think about these.


  • Hmmm. Sure looks home-made, doesn't it?

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  • Very well machined. Has different screw holes to work on several applications im guessing

  • I'm squinting and using a magnifying glass to try and find the SEGA or Logitech labeling etched somewhere.

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    Took a bit of research, but I found it. It's an ACS control wheel/yoke, and they are available through Aircraft Spruce.

    Unfortunately, it is for experimentals only, and NOT legal on a certificated airplane.

    I'd tell the customer to begin searching the boneyards for a couple Piper yokes in good condition.

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  • Wow I looked at Spruce, but the search engine sucks! They are nice yokes for the price, probably better than the old Piper ones. Thanks for the help, we will be looking for some used ones or maybe I can talk him into the Avion Research ones.

  • Good luck with Avion! Looks like that a few fellows had a very bad experience with this company lately. Reputation seems to be at least questionable.

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