Re-registration delays

I have read that it now frequently takes the full 6 months for our aircraft re-registrations to be completed. I put a note on my calendar to begin 6 mos. ahead. When I tried to start the process online, no joy!

It required a "Code" number from a reminder card to be sent to me by U.S.mail from the FAA. Supposedly these reminders are sent out 6 months from the due date. It's now the 11th of the month, a Federal holiday, and no card/code has arrived yet from Oklahoma.

Are others experiencing delays or problems with re-registration? Thanks.


  • Pat - yes. Oklahoma City has a big backlog, and is understaffed. My understanding is they allow a 90 day temporary authorization to operate, and will issue a further extension by email. You simply need to carry the application paperwork in your plane to be legal. I'm unaware of any enforcement actions resulting from this situation. Bob

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