Where do I get missing supplements for the POH?

I bought my Archer III last year, and am slowly getting my head around all the paperwork. One thing I've noticed is that Section 9 - Supplements of my POH has a table of contents showing it should have at least 219 pages, but there are actually only 30 there. How do I get the rest?


  • So you have the table of contents, that's great. So what are you missing?

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  • Section 9 is for optional equipment whether installed at the factory or post-delivery. Each item of optional equipment must have a supplement in the POH/AFM. Go to the installed equipment list in the POH/AFM to see what was installed at the factory and verify you have supplements for those. Piper was required to include those in the POH/AFM issued at time of delivery for your airplane (the specific serial number, not the model or type). That part is easy. For items installed post-delivery, you need to look at what equipment is in your airplane and identify items not in the installed equipment list. You need (must have) supplements for these items as well. You can also scour the logbooks for post-delivery installations - they must all have a logbook entry. You can also order the records for your airplane from the FAA. The installer is required to give the owner and send the FAA a copy of the airworthiness release for the installation, which is usually a 337. The installer is also required to provide a copy of the Supplement which the owner must put in the AFM/POH.

    Others can let me know if I got any of this wrong.

  • Well, how much of that original equipment is still there? If its been replaced, its not on the MEL anymore and removed. Take for instance a full rip and replace of all the steam gauges for a G500 or G3X. The entire 6 pack is gone, and not part of the MEL.

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  • @Unit74 , that's exactly what happened. I've been working through the W&B logs to see what was added/removed, but it doesn't look like that was filtered through to the official POH revisions.

  • The way I’d look at it, as long as the log books show the accurate equipment, and the W&B is current, and you meet the FAA min equipment list, you are in fair territory. I’m not inclined to go hunting for ghosts myself.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

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