PA32R 301T Fuel Pressure Range

I recently added a fuel pressure sensor to the Garmin G3X EIS and can't seem to find information on what the normal operating pressure should be?

The sensor was installed on the flow side of the fuel flow line coming from the throttle body. The vent side of the gauge goes to the mechanical fuel pump (see pic). At idle it indicates .6 PSI, 2000 RMP 2 PSI and inflight 31 inches / 2400 RPM / 18 gph 15 PSI.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • Unfortunately, very little. It doesn’t give a range. It’s just indicates 22 psi at max. GPH.

  • I’d poke around in the Lycoming docs in that case. The manufacturer should have documented a min fuel pressure for normal ops. I suspect a major OH shop might also be able to help.

    I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • I fly a PA32RT-300T and PA28R

  • So to be clear, you have it installed in the line going TO the flow divider on top of the engine??

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    No…. My engine it is a TI0540 S1AD. It doesn’t have the typical spider flow divider. It has flow dividers on either side of the engine.

    The fuel pressure sensor is installed in between a port off of the throttle body and engine driven pump. For all intents and purposes, it’s in line with the Piper fuel flow gauge.

  • Thats what i was suspecting, so basically you are reading fuel pressure, as well as FF which is the gauge in the cockpit. In the RSA systems, that number is not something we monitor, or need to know as the FF gage, which is really a pressure gage, is calibrated to convert pressure to a lb per hr or gal per reading for us. Seems kind of redundant if i am reading you right. You have it installed in the line that feeds both "rails" Carl

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