Crossing the Rockies

Westerly winds over the Rockies in Canada can be strong some times. My Turbo Arrow III seemed quite happy with it all. Take note of the crosswinds on the Aspen.




  • I am happy I did not have to fly into that wind.

    How well does your heat work, at -17 you needed lots of heat.

    1973 Arrow II factory AC removed

    G5’S, G275, GNX375 Still can get lost.

  • The heater in the Turbo Arrow works extremely well. I have flown in -40 and it can keep the cabin toasty warm.

  • Stan Owen;

    That's some serious x-wind!

    I had a 67 kt crosswind on a x-country a few years back. To maintain my track, I was holding about 46 degrees correction. I flew more looking out the passenger window than the windshield, and it was a blast! But wow, 107 kt is a whole different level! You must have been flying out of the cargo window!

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

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