Maintenance software

What software are owners using to track AD’s, performe maintenance intervals, calendar/hour maintenance etc.?


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    I use Human Brain Deluxe with V1.0 graphite memory storage unit. 😁

    Seriously though, while there may be some commercial software available for busy flight departments tracking multiple aircraft, as an individual owner, I find it best to just set up a paper and pencil record or perhaps a spreadsheet to keep track of the data.

  • I used an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Adding to the choir for going the spreadsheet route.

  • Spreadsheet here, too.

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    Just to clarify. I believe everyone who responded (including me) is essentially using a manual system, and recording it in a spreadsheet. I think the first step is the most difficult: researching and recording all the equipment in your airplane. Although with the FAA's new DRS, I'm not sure which is most difficult step. (If you have access to it, there seems to be a good article in the Feb 2023 Cessna Flyer's magazine on creating a AD List and the new DRS). There probably is a good source in this forum also, but I didn't take the time to search.

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    Chris05, you mentioned:

    “I think the first step is the most difficult: researching and recording all the equipment in your airplane.”

    Not as difficult as it may seem. Between the POH, any form 337s, any STC’s, instructions for continued airworthiness, and Weight and Balance, you should find listed all of the equipment installed in your airplane. This information is part of the aircrafts permanent record which should be in your possession, though not all of it is required to be carried in the aircraft.

  • I`m using Excel, works fine for me. I have looked into various providers. Pilot Partner seems to be pretty god if you have a club or if you need to send invoices to pilots, also has a planning tool included but they want some money. If anyone needs a copy of the Excel let me know, I`m happy to share it. I have one for my Arrow and one for the Warrior II.

  • The ADs and SBs are emailed to me by the FAA, Piper, etc. I download the ADs and SBs to my IPad for record keeping and then give them to my mechanic at annual time unless it’s something that needs immediate attention.

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