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Hello Everyone,

I am getting close to purchasing a Straight Tail Lance. Does anyone know of a CFI in the Houston area with experience in that airframe?




  • Might consider calling around to the local flight schools.

    When I went through this drill, had a short leash from the insurer on Open Pilot requirements. It was easy to find a CFI with TT and retract times, but time-in-type was the challenge as insurance would not allow time for just any PA-32. It had to be the plane's *exact* type. Age was another factor as Open Pilot qualification was capped at 65. Found one CFI in the second school that I called. Issue was that I was not qualified to solo at the time, so either the CFI had to meet Open Pilot terms, or I would have to pay extra to add the CFI as a named insured.

    If you already have high performance and complex, it opens up the field of CFI candidates where I'd focus on somebody with retract and 540 time.

    Oh, and consider going out and buying 50 pounds of dead weight to carry in the rear for those training sessions. This will help keep CG in the middle of the envelope. Without the weight, CG will move well forward and reduce cruise speed.

    Happy hunting for the CFI!

    Out of curiosity, what airframe(s) are you currently flying?

  • Hunt down Jason Blair. He’s not in Houston, but he does travel. When he did my transition training from my Archer to the T Lance, he flew down from the MI area. If I recall correctly, he had many 100s of hours in the PA32s and my insurance had no prob with his pedigree for the check out.

    If that’s a hard sell, A-Cent Aviation at Herlong Airport KHEG has a PA32 they fly and rent. You’d have to check and see which regional-pilots-in-training have the hours you need right now though as they come and go grasping for hours.

    Lastly, call Bartelt Aviation and see who they have connections with in the PA32 world. If they don’t know, nobody else will me thinks.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

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