1978 Turbo Lance II

1978 Turbo Lance II

1500 hours total time airframe and engine. I am the third owner since May 2022


  • Sweet! Carl

    48 yrs A/P IA DAL aircraft inspector. 172N

  • Wow! Nice plane!

    Dear Santa....

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

  • Very nice.

    1973 Arrow II factory AC removed

    G5’S, G275, GNX375 Still can get lost.

  • Love it...how does the Altimatic IIIC preform...I'm having difficulties with mine.

  • It works perfect...GPSS and fully coupled. Flies precision approaches flawlessly. Watch this video. I show it flying an LPV approach.


  • I'm with Griff, and writing my letter to Santa!

    Thanks for posting the video. Were you lucky enough to purchase it with the avionics integrated and working properly, or have you had some service on the A/P since you acquired it?


  • Yes sir. The cleanest avionics job ever witnessed by all mechanics who looked at it since. The tech who worked in it must have had terrible OCD. If I find a pic of avionics wirings I will post it here. It is for sale by the way. I want to step up to a twin again. I am multiengine instrument rated and would like to go back to seneca preferably!

  • OCD is a terribly underrated and underappreciated personality trait!

    I've had my Seneca for nearly ten years, and as another forum member observed, "It's the best non-human friend I've ever had." Am thinking about deleting the "non-human," prefix.

    Have you considered a pressurized A/C?


  • WOW PAH! That's my neck of the woods...I use to park my bird at Midwest...good luck on finding your twin...

  • What’s wrong with it? I just pulled a working unit for. GFC500 installation. If you need parts, let me know.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

  • I've spent +5K on it last year and it worked well. Then it started to kick out for no reason and finally wouldn't come on at all, push a button and immediately disconnect. I have an appt with the avionics shop in a couple of weeks...we think it might be the disconnect switch disrupting the power to the unit...I'm terrible at troubleshooting electronics and leave it to the ones who do it every day. The ones in the know state that it's a 50+yr unit and will break at the most inopportune time...finally convinced "The Bank" ie spouse to upgrade to a 3100, but the delivery is currently 32 weeks, considered a GFC500 but like my Aspen to much.

    If we need parts...I'll definitely let you know.


  • I will say the GFC 500 drives my Lance like it’s on rails. If you end up going that route, you won’t be disappointed.

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

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