ABQ to MCO, ideas for places to stop / avoid

Hi folks,

I'll be flying my Turbo Arrow from Albuquerque to Orlando area in late May. Current plan is to go along the southern part of the US, staying over land. Planning on no more than 3 hours between stops. Mostly because that equates to bladder size, but also this will be my first long XC with this plane. I can evaluate oil and fuel consumption and stretch my legs a bit.... Will have a RON (Remain ovr night) some where along the route.

Any recommendations of fields, food, fun / interesting places to see along the way?

Any fields I should avoid ??

Thank you


  • The Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg TX. You can park your aircraft in front of the hotel. The town has great restaurants, breweries and wineries. My wife and I spent a night there but plan to stay a couple days next time. https://www.hangarhotel.com/.

    Destin Florida in the panhandle. KDTS. Most beautiful beaches in FL. OK, I live there and might be a bit bias.

  • Watch the winds in North Texas as they can get interesting. Last I flew through that area we picked an airfield to land based on minimal crosswind as they were 25 gusting 35. Not sure if they are that strong in May, so something to check.

    IIRC Space Camp and misc NASA facilities are along that path in LA. Checking on tour availability might prove worthwhile.

  • You and your engine might enjoy a stop at KCQF, aka the “Mother Ship.” You can probably get a tour of the factory service center. And while you’re there I strongly suggest getting business cards for the DOMs. In a couple of years when you have a funny vibration you and your IA can’t quite get to the bottom of, you’ll be glad you have those cards. Highly recommended for the nerd pilot and engine enthusiast!

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