Day trip

Kitty Hawk first flight

'76 Arrow II

W75 Hummel field

Semper Fi


  • Thanks for posting these pics! Very much appreciated.

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  • Have vacation beginning of june on the island. Look fwd to finally visiting the site. Carl

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  • Last I went to FFA, the parking allowance was for just one night (longer term had to go over to Dare or the private strip). At the time, had advance warning by some friends to take augers and ropes for tie-down if there were forecasts of strong winds during the stay. Take that for what it is worth as this was about a generation ago.

    Takeoff was interesting. Winds were reasonable (~10 knots) and direction was mostly crosswind, which created rotors from the trees. After one bounce, the PA-28 climbed above the turbulence.

    Definitely a nice destination. Once tourist season hits, avoid Saturday's as this is 'crossover' day where one set of renters is leaving, and the other is arriving. Roads can turn into slow rolling parking lots. Especially heading to Corolla.

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    Every aviator should go to FFA at least once. It's hallowed ground.

    I flew there about 9 yrs ago with my wife. It's a great destination. The grounds and the museum are very interesting, even for non-aviators.

    I've also visited the Wright brothers flying field in Dayton, OH.

    In both locations (Kitty Hawk and Dayton), you can stand on the same ground the Wright brothers walked on and flew from over 100 years ago.

    Both places are well worth the time.

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
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  • Went there in June with the Short Wing Piper Club annual convention. It is a great place to visit. We parked on the grass in front of Kill Devil Hill and we were told we are the only aircraft that has been allowed to park there since the park opened. That was pretty cool. My PA-22 is the one furthest to the right close to the walkway.

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