Cherokees to Oshkosh Registration closes May 31

Going to OSH? There is no better way to go than with a type group in a mass arrival. Arrive with like aircraft, camp together, socialize, tell lies about your airplane, go to dinner, learn from each other about your type of aircraft, and make lifelong friends. Also, find out what is a MUST SEE and what is a DON’T BOTHER at Airventure.

There are type groups for Cherokees, Grummans, Bonanzas, Cessnas, RV’s and more. 

This is a reminder that if you are a Cherokee driver: PA28; PA32; or PA24, or a Grumman driver: Tiger; Cheetah; or Traveler, you only have a few days left to sign up for the Cherokees to Oshkosh Mass arrival (yep, we include Grummans, it turns out nice people also fly Grummans). Registration closes on May 31 at midnight PDT. 

You must attend one of the three remaining clinics to participate. Registration is closed for the Columbus clinic this weekend. The last two clinics are June 2-4 at KFKA, Preston, MN and June 23-25 at KAID, Anderson, IN.

There is no charge to attend the clinics. 

Join us. As one of our participants once said: “Flying is fun. Flying together is more fun.” 

Details are at:

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