PA28 Seat back question

Many folks here have done an Airtex or similar refresh of their seats. I'm looking to do the same at some point in the future. My seats have a plastic attachment on the back of the upright portion that is screwed onto the back of the seat and it's cracked. I know these parts are available, however, are they required / useful? I'm wondering if anyone has simply recovered their seats without these panels. Are they needed to provide an attach surface for the seat back pocket? Anyone who has pics of seat backs without these plastic panels, please post.



  • The new Airtex seat covers do away with those covers. If you need them, I have two new ones in my basement that I will sell.

  • Thanks. I was hoping that was the case.


  • Doing my airtex seats now. They are a complete leather cover with a pouch that slides over the top of the seat back.

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