Top overhaul and carburetor overhaul simultaneously

We were already planning on overhauling our carburetor, but then ran into some issues, requiring a top overhaul as well. From what I can see, breaking in new cylinders and testing a new carburetor seem to have opposite recommendations .

Some recommend start up and near immediate takeoff to minimize low power settings, especially when running new cylinders for the first time. However, I am hesitant to get the plane airborne without fully testing the carburetor through its full range, and at least a couple of full fuel recycles in the float chamber.

Has anybody else run into this and have any tips?


  • Start eng, leak check engine oil and fuel. set idle speed and mixture. At runup , quick mag check. Watch for close to static req rpm on advancing power. May be a bit low due friction on new cylinders. If it accelerates smoothly keep going.

    if you feel better, full power check at runup, but limit it to keep temps down. Carbs really dont need any break in. other then leak check, idle and mixture set. If not making power on the T/O run, you will know it.


    48 yrs A/P IA DAL aircraft inspector. 172N

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