Before and after shots of our panel upgrade on our 1979 Piper Dakota


  • Panel is outstanding...good work! My 1980 Dakota is still all original, and I'm starting to look at a major upgrade like yours. I'm curious about who did the work, and would you share what the cost was? I'm installing the same Electorair dual system like yours in the spring. Did you use the backup generator or the additional battery? I'm curious what engine performance changes with that new ignition system. Thanks. Great looking plane. Here's mine:

  • Another Dakota owner here - 1993 N616HT. I'm also interested in the Electroair dual system - cost, location for install, satisfaction, etc. My panel could also use some updating - long wait here in WY/MT for avionics upgrades.

    Thanks! Tom

  • Wow, on the old one, the tv screen was nice on the right side!

    48 yrs A/P IA DAL aircraft inspector. 172N

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