Shoulder harnesses

Hello, my name is Gus Petrakis and I own a 1970 Cherokee 140/160 and I am considering installing shoulder harnesses. I understand they need an stc. Does anyone have suggestions on brand or type. Also what should the install cost.


  • Excellent decision as lap-belt only is not all that great for survive-ability.

    My vote is to go with 4 point as it has better statistics than 3 point.

    If budget allows, adding air bags is another level-up for survive-ability, although they do come with ongoing expense.

    Do not know costs of installing shoulder harnesses, although do recall seeing labor time estimates in the various sales literature for 4 point and air bag.

  • I have used ABI for 30+ years. Excellent product!

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
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  • An STC may not be required. AC 21-34 iirc may be on point

    John Schreiber
    A&P, IA, CMEL

  • I concur with the B.A.S. 4 point system which is what we installed in our Cherokee 180 to replace the lap belts for the front seats. They have a website where they give testimonials of users of their 4 point system that have survived a crash. Made me confident that their product was a good choice for a 4 point system. I think the lap and cross shoulder (3 point) system is less safe than the 4 point system.

    A more expensive choice is AMSAFE's SOAR system which incorporates airbags into the belt.

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