New Member 1964 Cherokee 140 (S/N #43) C-GMKQ

Hello Fellow Flyers!

This is my 1964 140 #43 off the line. I'm based in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. I bought this plane back in 2016 and it's been a labor of love to bring it back in the air after a decade sitting. Every inch of this plane has been gone through. I have pages of updates/repairs/STC's and the invoices to match! All of the hundreds of hours getting to this point has been a blast. I also own a 1966 Cessna 150F C-FJNE. I have to give thanks to my wife Paula and my two daughters (Jenna and Megan) for encouraging me to get back into the pilots seat after a 30 year hiatus and ongoing support. Really!? Who I'm I to say no when you get an endorsement to go out and buy a plane...haha. Great forum! Awesome information sharing!

(VG's/Prop Mod/Gap Seals/All LED Lights/Knots 2U Tips w-LED MaxPulse Light Controller/Whelen Strobe/Door Steward/Bogert Cables/Skytec Starter/PlanePower updates & electric cleanup/Pants-off for winter/Garmin Radio & Transponder/NAT Intercom/406 ELT/McFarlane Engine Controls/EI Fuel Computer and EAC-1/All primary Instruments with NULITE LED Bezels w-dimmer/Vertical Card Compass/Mid-Continent True-Blue power USB/New Plastics & Interior/LP Windows/Alpha Belts & Shoulder Restraints/PowerFlow Exhaust/New Fuel Valve & Selector Update.....and many airframe replacements to new (Seals/Tires/Baffles).

Safe Travels. Richard Przybylski


  • Nicely done! Both are good looking planes and you've done a great job. :)

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Wow! beautiful planes and looks like an amazing place to fly. That is fantastic you have support from your family - it makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing!


    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • Thank you Gentlemen!

  • Nice pair of birds!

    Your Cherokee is gorgeous!

    Jim "Doc Griff" Griffin
    PA28 - 161
    Chicago area

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