Breakfast in Venice (Florida)

Just a quickie here. Took my ball-and-chain and went to breakfast at the Cockpit Cafe over on the West Coast of Florida this morning. Flew from North County GA (F45) in West Palm to VNC (Venice), about a 1 hour, 10 min flight (just perfect if you want to fly and you are hungry). Flew over the puffies at 4500" on the way over. Flight following could not have been nicer. First Palm Beach International, then a hand off to Miami Center, and then to Ft. Myers.

The Cockpit Cafe has some of the best omelets in the world ($5.95). Scenery is great. You have to fly over some part of the Gulf of Mexico in order to land on one of the runways. Gas was $3.39 which is cheap compared to my home base ($4.30).

There is also a 394th Bomber Group (or something like that) restaurant right on the field, so it is ideal for an evening flight to a nice dinner also.

Flight back was a lot of dodging rain and some nasty looking clouds but made for an interesting return.

Frank Norwitch
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