Need Marsh Harbor Info

OK. Nassau has been visited (see "Off to Nassau tomorrow" thread). Now we are planning a trip to Marsh Harbor. Of course the burning question from "The Warden" (wife of 35 years) is "is there any shopping in Marsh Harbor?" So, is there? Or is it just for fishing and diving (in that case, I will go with my son only).

Frank Norwitch


  • Thanks Kathie. Actually, the old "ball and chain" has over the years totally revitalized the economy of both Paris and Milan (and all countries and most cities in between). Most recently, St. Petersburg, Russia (and several Northern European cities enroute). My guess is that she will still find something in Marsh Harbor. I'm betting on Conch ashtrays (neither of us smoke - well, I have an occasional cigar), seashell puka beads, and a "Life is better in the Bahamas" t-shirt.

    Looks like July 21st is the day, weather permitting.

    We will report back, mon.

  • OK, off we went to Marsh Harbor early this morning. The ladies did not want to go with us, so it was just my son and myself. Trip over was uneventful and about 1:45 enroute in , of course, a headwind. The runway at Marsh Harbor has seen better days but is quite serviceable. There is no tower so it is the Bahamas equal to a GA. Better yet, there are no taxiways parallel to the runway, so there are planes back-taxiing where you are about to land. But no real problem, just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

    Customs and Immigration and pretty quick, but one of the two individuals we had to deal with was simply not plesant. I mean, he was not nasty or anything like that, he was just not nice.

    The FBO (in the same building as customs) could not do enough for us. We took a taxi into "town." It took all of about 1/2 hour to explore everything there. Did find some great eats at a restaurant called the "Golden Grouper." Then off to the harbor to check out the fishing fleet. Got some info on scuba diving for the next trip out, and then found the Tike Bar for refreshments.

    Back to the airport, filed, and off we went. Believe it or not, tailwinds do exist: 1:05 enroute back to customs at Palm Beach International.

    Nice island, wonderful people, too bad your first impression is from the scowling Customs guy. Kind of reminds me of a trip I took into Russia from Finland. Your first impression of Russia was really nasty Customs and Immigration officials and the toilets at the border not only had no paper, but had no seats as well.

    Anyway, good trip, I recommend it if you can.

  • Oh yeah, the tailwind we caught was named Tropical Storm Franklin. We never were within 200 miles of it but it did push us along nicely. Next trip - Bimini!

  • Kathie, I'm afraid the shopping is not wonderful. There are a few stores with the typical trinkets, but other than that, shopping is a washout. It is, for the most part, a sleepy, friendly little community to go to decompress from the stresses of life in the big city, or to fish and dive. I believe that for island shopping, Nassau (liquor, gold and jewelry, Rolex), George Town on Grand Cayman (Cuban cigars - smoke 'em there but don't bring 'em back!, black coral, fashion wear, gold and jewelry, world class diving - don't miss Stingray City even as a non-diver), St. Thomas (Rolex, Rolex, and did I memtion Rolex?), fashion wear, gold - chains especially, and jewelry) and Martinique (Perfumes, fashion wear) are where the ladies would want to go. For just a getaway with some bar hopping, Freeport, and Port Lucaya (same island) for nice shops and gaming. One of my favorites is St. Crois - gets my vote for friendliest island, for diving, food, and simply having a good time. Want to get away from it all, go to South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos. You can stay at a world class hotel that is pretty much deserted except for you and have your lobster and steak delivered on the beach (you will be the only people on the beach) just before sundown for one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I guess I went on too much, but I love the islands out here (I go to many of them on business and always try to tack on a couple of days to dive, tour, or simply relax).

    Don't forget to tell us of your Eskimio adventures. I recently had to go to Nome (in February, would you believe) and had no idea of the impact on the area by the indians. Totally different way of life. I believe the bumper sticker for the area should read "Will hunt for food)! Pull up "The Nome Nugget" on Google and read through it.

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