Airtex head rest covers

The foam seems way to big for these head rest covers. I vacuumed it down like suggested and got it in the covers but then there is to much stress on the velcro. Won't close nicely.

Did anyone cut the foam down before installing or did you use all of it on your covers?

These are on a 73 Challenger with the single slide head rests.


  • Its a tight fit but I managed to get the foam in the cover. I did install the foam first and then inserted the headrest frame into the foam.

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    Put the headrests in a plastic bag and tape to a shop vac. Turn vacuum on and shrink the foam down to 1/3 the size. Put covers on align and then turn the vacuum off. Massage into place and then pull out the plastic.

    I just did the headrests in my 180 Cherokee. Just massage a bit and pull. Connect Velcro as best you can and then readjust It is a tight full fit but it’ll come together. Don’t cut the foam.

  • Hi Brian,

    I've installed Airtex kits on five of my airplanes over the years. And now, thanks to you I've finally learned how to do headrests, lol. Where were you in 1985? :)

    Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.

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  • On the one I did my velcro was coming un stitched. Maybe it was a bad sewing job. I'm going to have to hand sew it and repair it before I stuff it back full of foam.

  • Hand sewing? What is this hand sewing thing you speak of? Sewing is something that cannot be do by a mere mortal. You meant to say hot glue.

    Sewing can only be done by those who own a very expensive machine.

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