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I’ve joined the Piper Owner Society. How do I get logged into the website for the first time?
Visit and look for “First-Time Registration” in the top-right. You will need your Customer Number, often called Account Number. It was emailed to you when you signed up and it’s also on your mailing label.

I’m a new member and don’t know my Customer Number yet so I can create a website login. How can I find that?
Click here.
Enter enough information that the system finds you. It will then tell you your Customer Number, which is sometimes called Account Number.

How do I change my email address?
Click here. This will change your email address on both your print subscription and your website login.

Does online access come with my membership?
Yes, including access to the forum, and back issues of the magazine.

How can I check if I’m a subscriber/member or not?
Click here to see if our system recognizes you as a past subscriber.

Can I read back issues of the magazine, and if so, how?
Yes, click here.

Can I submit articles and photos for the magazine?
Member photos and feedback are a huge part of our magazine. Click here to submit photos and advice for other members. 
Also visit the forum, say Hello and upload your photos there.

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What is the Piper Owner Society?
An organization that started in 1986 and brings together owners of Piper airplanes so they can share ideas and knowledge. The members are supported by an A&P/IA, several Master Pilot experts including Aviation Director Scott Sherer, a forum, a weekly e-newsletter, and a monthly magazine.
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What does it cost? How can I join?
Click here to join.

Who runs the Piper Owner Society?
JP Media LLC, formerly known as Jones Publishing. We are a small company based in Iola, Wisconsin.
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