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PIPERS magazine April 2020

8 Featured Plane: Piper Comanche 260B

16 Avionics: Perfect Panel: True IFR

24 Sky Talk: How Much is That Gem in the Hangar? Determining the right value for your aircraft

28 Lessons From the Logbook: The Dangers of Noise Fatigue
An often-overlooked cause of GA accidents

34 Member Restoration: My Perfect Mr. Piper

46 Hangar Tip: Bolt Thread Identifier

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PIPERS magazine March 2020

8 My Ten Favorite Airports: By Jim Cavanagh

16 Featured Plane: Piper Clipper
World’s smallest four-seater

24 Avionics: Perfect Panel: Light IFR

30 Sky Talk: Flying Season Prep

34 Member Restoration: Dream Come True Ray Cook’s Super Cub on floats

46 Hangar Tip: How to Find the Right Replacement Bolts

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Pipers Magazine February 2020

8 Featured Plane: Four Decades of Navajos

16 Avionics: Perfect Panel VFR

22 Sky Talk: Alternative Ownership Options

26 Ill or Agitated Passenger: How to stop an in-flight emergency before it starts

30 Member Restoration: Making My Own Turbo Arrow V

46 Hangar Tip: Cleaning Supplies Organization

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Pipers Magazine September 2019

8 Featured Plane: Piper Cherokee Six

16 Avionics: Old School

22 Maintenance: Replenishing the System, A do-it-yourself guide to oil & filter changes

26 Sky Talk: IFR or VFR? Your rating’s impact on insurance costs

32 Tips & Tales From the Left Seat: Some Tips for VFR Planning

46 Hangar Tip: How to Clean Your Yoke Shaft

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Pipers Magazine August 2019

8 Cherokee 140: Piper’s simple, versatile, excellent entry-level plane

16 Avionics: Garmin’s New Products

22 Maintenance: Spark Plug Primer

30 The Aesthetics of the Spinner: By Jim Cavanagh

38 Sky Talk: Owner Maintenance: Balancing Expertise and Safety

54 Hangar Tip: How to Replace or Repaint Your Hubcaps

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