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PIPERS Magazine May 2023

8 Featured Plane: A Bold New Arrow Flies
18 Avionics: TKM and More
22 Sky Talk : Do Runways Matter? Off Airport Operations and Safety
26 Bringing an Arrow II Back to Life
36 5 Keys to Aircraft Prebuy Success
46 Hangar Tip: Window Replacement and Tinting

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PIPERS Magazine April 2023

8 Featured Plane: Sean Sullivan’s Renovated Cherokee 235
18 Avionics: Electronic Conspicuity
22 Sky Talk: Save Money With Owner-Assisted Annuals
28 ELT & PLB Rescue Equipment
34 The Genius of Raymond L. Meisenheimer
46 Hangar Tip: Lightspeed’s Trade-Up Discount

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PIPERS Magazine March 2023

8 David Gasmire’s Aviation Legacy & His Beloved Super Cub
18 Avionics: IFR “Lite”
22 Sky Talk: What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat
26 1973 Piper Cherokee 140 Upgrade
34 Product Review: Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review
46 Hangar Tip: Engravers.Net – Makers of Aircraft Placards and More

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PIPERS Magazine February 2023

8 Piper Cherokee 180 Market Report & Tips
16 Avionics Q&A: Recommendations on Slide-ins, GPS, and More
20 Sky Talk: Tips and Traps in Warranties
24 1985 Dakota Interior Restoration and Panel Upgrade
30 How to Repaint Interior Plastic Trim
34 What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Control
46 Hangar Tip: Annual Inspection Checklist

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PIPERS Magazine November 2022

8 Featured Plane: Piper Malibu 310
18 Avionics: What’s Going on at Aspen
22 Borescoping Part 2: Performing Cylinder Inspections
26 How to Repair Plastic Trim
32 Upgrade: Add Lighted Wingtips to a Piper Arrow
34 Lessons from the Logbook: When to Abort
46 Hangar Tip: Piper External Power Connector Replacement

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PIPERS Magazine October 2022

8 Featured Plane: Lance Clinton’s 1977 Cherokee 140 Cruiser
18 Avionics: Digital Autopilots Five Years Later
22 Sky Talk: Prop Strike Damage
26 Introduction to Borescoping: Part 1
30 Piper Avionics and Autopilot Upgrade
38 AWI, Acorn Merger Creates One-Stop Exhaust Shop
46 Hangar Tip: FlyWithKay Blog

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PIPERS Magazine September 2022

8 Carter Tims Makes a Persuasive Argument for the Twin Comanche
18 Avionics: Are You Prepared for In-Flight Loss of Avionics?
22 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat: Engine Failure on Takeoff With a Return to the Field
26 Product Review: Taking a 3-Blade Prop for a Spin
30 Lance Restoration Part 2: Electroair Ignition
46 Hangar Tip: “Must Haves” List

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PIPERS Magazine July 2022

8 Featured Plane: Turbo Arrow Review – Top Tips from Owners
16 Avionics: R.C. Allen’s New MINI6 Digital Instrument
20 Sky Talk: Simulators are a Practical Way to Practice
26 Review: Tely Technologies Headset
30 Comanche Restoration Part 6: Landing Gear & Reassembly
46 Hangar Tip: New Step for Your Piper

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