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PIPERS Magazine July 2021

8 Featured Plane: Cherokee 180
18 Avionics: Guardian’s New smartPlane System
22 Sky Talk: Flying and Insuring Tailwheels
28 ‘Don’t Trust Your Fuel Gauge’
32 PIREP: Landing Height System
34 Restoration: How to Install Your Own One-Piece Windshield
46 Hangar Tip: Changing Your Yoke Cover

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PIPERS Magazine June 2021

8 Featured Plane: Super Cub
16 Owner’s Perspective
18 Avionics: ANR headsets
24 Sky Talk: What is Liability Insurance?
28 Flying in Alaska: How to Pick an A&P
32 Safer Seat Belts
36 Six Surprising Runway Safety Threats
46 Hangar Tip: How to Replace Flap Handles and Doorknobs

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PIPERS Magazine May 2021

8 Featured Plane:Piper Archer
16 Owner’s Perspective
18 Avionics: Avionics Consulting
24 Sky Talk: Old Airplane Overhaul
28 Flying in Alaska: The Pilot, The Machine & The Environment
32 DIY Interiors
46 Hangar Tip: How to Replace a Piper Logo Plate

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PIPERS Magazine March 2021

8 Featured Plane: Piper Arrow
16 Owner’s Perspective: Piper Arrow
18 Avionics: Owner Maintenance
24 Sky Talk: Out of Hibernation, In the Air Again
28 Flying in Alaska
32 Arrow Window Molding Replacement
46 Hangar Tip: Flight Review Time Again

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PIPERS Magazine December 2020

8 Featured Plane: Piper Super Cruiser
16 Owner’s Perspective
18 Avionics: Engine Management
24 Sky Talk: Aircraft Financing
28 A License to Learn: Professionalism isn’t just for “professionals”
46 Hangar Tip: How to Make Your Own Air Vent Seals

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Pipers Magazine November 2020

8 Featured Plane: Piper PA-23

14 Owner’s Perspective

16 Avionics: Engine Analyzers

22 Sky Talk: How to Sell Your Aircraft

26 I Bought a Used Airplane

32 Common Sense and Cost-Effective Aircraft Transactions

46 Hangar Tip: How to Reduce Electrical Power Usag

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