2018 Issues

Pipers Magazine December 2018

6 Clipper & Pacer: Four-Seat Vintage Wonders

14 Avionics: Year in Review

22 Tips & Tales: How to Read Approach Charts Part II

26 Holiday Gift Guide: Members Tell Us What They Want for Christmas

28 Arrow Restoration, Part III:
Seat Roller Replacements

34 Restoration Project: Management Rules

36 Sky Talk: Winter Preparation Checklist

44 Tech Tip from the Hangar: Historical Weight & Balance

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Pipers Magazine November 2018

6 Turbo Arrow: Four-Seat Power & Affordability

14 Avionics: A Look at Course Deviation Indicators

22 Tips & Tales: How to Read Approach Charts

26 Arrow Restoration, Part 2: First Flight Reveals Differences Between Arrow and Seneca

32 The View From My Hangar: Flying vs. Restoring

36 Sky Talk: What to Look For in an FBO

46 Hangar Tip: The Eye Aligner

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Pipers Magazine October 2018

6 Piper Warrior: Four-Seat Classroom

14 Downsizing in Retirement: The Making of an Airplane Trade

20 Avionics: About Your Antennas

26 ADS-B Out Primer: What You Need to Know If You Haven’t Started Yet

32 Sky Talk: Aviation Insurance as You Age

36 Product Review: TKM Replacement Radios

44 Product Review: Grypshon Tool Mats

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Pipers Magazine September 2018

6 Piper Aerostar: The King of Speed

16 Maintenance: The Scariest Word in Aircraft Ownership: Corrosion

24 Avionics: How Modern Avionics Features Can Reduce Pilot Load

30 The View from My Hangar
Have You Ever Looked at Your Mechanic’s Airplane?

34 Budget Restoration Projects: Precision Vertical Card Compass

38 Sky Talk: Affordability, Your Options for Owning, Sharing, or Leasing an Airplane

46 Hangar Tip: Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

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Pipers Magazine August 2018

8 Piper-Stinson 108: The Joy of A Tailwheel

14 Stinson Recommendations & Market Report

16 Avionics: Evolution of the Portable

22 The View from My Hangar: Why is My Plane So Slow?

28 Evolution of In-Cockpit Weather, SiriusXM

30 Sky Talk: Your Next Challenge: Avoiding the Drones

36 Budget Restoration Projects: USB Power for Your Plane

46 Hangar Tip: Lucas Spray Wax Does it All in One Bottle

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Pipers Magazine July 2018

8 Florida Crash Update: Owners Monitoring Embry-Riddle Tragedy

10 Featured Plane: Twin Comanche, The Broker’s Twin

18 Avionics: Getting the Most from Oshkosh’s

26 Lessons from the Logbook: Thunderstorms
Myth vs Reality (A 10-Point Program)

34 Sky Talk: Should You Rent or Buy?

40 Little Things: What Can You Restore for $10? Gas Cap Gaskets

46 Hangar Tip: A Word or Two on Plexiglas Care

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Pipers Magazine June 2018

8 Featured Plane: Archer is the Best Balance of Power,
Performance and Economy

14 Avionics: Legacy Avionics:
A Concern for the Future?

22 Air-Oil Separators: Do I Need One?

32 An Introduction to Aircraft Propellers

40 Sky Talk: How Medical Situations Can Affect Your Pilot Ticket …
and Possibly Your Insurance, Too!

46 Hangar Tip: I Don’t Put “Air” in My Tires … And Neither Should You!

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Pipers Magazine May 2018

18 Don’t Settle for Subpar Photos and Video … Mount Up with Flight Flix!

22 Featured Plane: Piper Aztec: The Secret Bush Twin

32 Sky Talk: 12 Tips to a Safe & Successful Air Show Outing

38 Circle of Flight: Power & Fury
A Pro Pilot’s Perspective on
Thunderstorm Avoidance

46 Hangar Tip: A Checklist for Checklists

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Pipers Magazine April 2018

18 Let’s Talk Overhauls: Aircraft Engine Gaskets

26 I’m Calling the FAA!
… and you should call your FSDO!

24 Featured Plane: Super Cub
STOL made simple

34 Sky Talk: Pilot Logbooks
Who Needs ’em and Why?

36 Zen and the Art of Airplane Ownership: Leaking Gas? Fix It Now!

46 Hangar Tip: Dum-Dum: It’s Brilliant!

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Pipers Magazine March 2018

10 Avionics: Evolution of the Autopilot

18 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat: The Night I Almost Died in a Plane Crash … while Flying a Simulator!

24 Featured Plane: Seminole in the Fourth Decade

32 Sky Talk: Groundwork: How to Prep Your Plane for a Fresh Flying Season

36 Zen and the Art of Airplane Ownership: Leaking Gas? Fix It Now!

40 Circle of Flight: Traversing the Ragged Edge

46 Hangar Tip: Gluing With Grease!

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Pipers Magazine February 2018

10 Avionics: New EFIS Options

18 A Master Pilot’s Perspective on Gaining Experience

24 Featured Plane: Piper Enforcer

30 Need to Sell? Now What?

36 Sky Talk: Airplane vs. Animal

42 Circle of Flight: The Lead Bullet

46 Hangar Tip: Dow Corning 3145: Not Your Daddy’s RTV!

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