2022 Issues

PIPERS Magazine July 2022

8 Featured Plane: Turbo Arrow Review – Top Tips from Owners
16 Avionics: R.C. Allen’s New MINI6 Digital Instrument
20 Sky Talk: Simulators are a Practical Way to Practice
26 Review: Tely Technologies Headset
30 Comanche Restoration Part 6: Landing Gear & Reassembly
46 Hangar Tip: New Step for Your Piper

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PIPERS Magazine June 2022

8 Featured Plane: Join the Club – Piper Dakota Fits in Nicely With Group Ownership
18 Avionics: Alternative Connections
22 Sky Talk: Crazy Airplane Prices
26 Comanche Restoration: Part 5 – Engine & Mounts
38 How to Extend the Life of Your Fuel Caps
46 Hangar Tip: Portable Air Conditioning Unit

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PIPERS Magazine May 2022

8 Featured Plane: 25-Year-Old Living the Dream in a 180
18 Avionics: Expert Tips for Managing Your Avionics Upgrade
22 Sky Talk: Do Safety Devices Save Money?
26 Comanche Restoration Part 4: Panel
34 Fix Those Leaky Valve Covers
46 Hangar Tip: $9.99 In-Cabin Tool Case

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PIPERS Magazine April 2022

8 Featured Plane: Seaplanes Offer the Ultimate Flying Experience
16 Sky Talk: Flying With Floats
20 How and Why to Get Your Seaplane Rating
26 Avionics: Angle of Attack – Your Options in 2022
32 Comanche Restoration Part 3: Interior
40 Review: AMSAFE Airbag Seatbelts
46 Hangar Tip: Cannula Cases

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PIPERS Magazine February 2022

8 Featured Plane: Piper Lance
16 Avionics: The Used Avionics Market in 2022
22 Sky Talk: Is It Time to Trade Up to Pressurized?
28 Comanche Restoration Series – Part 1: Disassembly and Transport
36 Cherokee 140 Weight and Balance Calculator
46 Hangar Tip: Magneto Goes Bad in Flight

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