2015 Issues

Pipers Magazine December 2015

The Dangers of Icing: Why you never heard Tattoo yell, “De-Ice! De-Ice!” by Floyd Allen, The Pre-purchase Avionics Inspection: How Much is “Enough?” by Bob Hart, The Plane Sense about Airworthiness by Floyd Allen, What is Manifold Pressure? by Joel A. Turpin, What’s a Ground Loop? by Thomas P. Turner, Featured Plane The Ultimate Cheyenne by Bill Cox, 10 Tips for VFR Flying in Marginal Weather by Bill Cox

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Pipers Magazine November 2015

How to Shop for LED Lighting by Jim Cavanagh, ADS-B Limitations & Liabilities by Bob Hart, Facing the Future of General Aviation by Floyd Allen, How to Survive an FAA Ramp Check by Tom Ferguson, Featured Plane – Piper Aztec: A Very Good Twin by Bill Cox, Window Care and Maintenance Tips for the Do-it-yourselfer by Jacqueline Shipe

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Pipers Magazine October 2015

Fly High & Breathe Easy! Aircraft Oxygen Systems 101 by John Bakos, How Avionics Can Make (or Break) a Good Deal by Bob Hart, The Ninety-Nines: Inspiring Women Pilots Since 1929 by Floyd Allen, Cutting-edge Camera Tech Takes Glass Panel Piloting to the Next Level by Ryan Mohr, Depend on Automation… when appropriate by Jason Blair, Featured Plane – Dakota: Piper’s answer to the Skylane by Bill Cox, Pre-Purchase Inspections by Jacqueline Shipe, Executing the Plan: Flight Planning Tips & Tech for the Modern Pilot by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine September 2015

Fly With the Wind: Women in Aviation, International by Donia Moore, The Not-So-Simple Science of Seats by Floyd Allen, ADS-B Update: More Affordable Options are on Approach by Bob Hart, Featured Plane – Piper Matrix in the First Decade by Bill Cox, Wind Shear: the Invisible Killer by Bill Cox, Whether or Not to Weather the Weather by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine August 2015

How to Perform a Perfect Slip … and make all your pilot friends jealous! by Jim Cavanagh, Caribbean Air Rally: Sixth Edition by Catherine Tobenas, Aerobatics in an Everyday Airplane by Catherine Cavagnaro, Tired of the Singles Scene? Try Flirting with Twins! by Jim Cavanagh, The Oft-overlooked Parking Brake by Thomas P. Turner, Featured Plane – The Aerostar 700: Still the Fastest by Bill Cox, 21 Tips for the Pattern by Bill Cox, 7 Tried & True Tips to Remove Stubborn Screws and Rusted Bolts by Jacqueline Shipe, Flight Following is Your Friend by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine July 2015

Flights of Mercy, Wings of Love: Liga International by Donia Moore, 7 Simple Tips to Making a Confident Airplane Purchase by Tom Ferguson, AVIONICS: Evolution of the Navcom by Bob Hart, Spruce Up Your Tired Interior without Spending a Fortune by Jim Cavanagh, Featured Plane – Seneca in the Fifth Generation by Bill Cox, An INSIDE Look at Engine Cylinders by Jacqueline Shipe, Why what you learned in flight school may be open to question by Bill Cox, SOPs and Checklists by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine June 2015

PS Engineering and the Evolution of Audio Control by Bob Hart, It Ain’t your Daddy’s (or your Mama’s) Flying Experience by Floyd Allen, The Race for Ratings by Bill Cox, Featured Plane Piper Malibu by Bill Cox, “BREAKING UP” with your Radio? Your antenna might be the real problem! by Jacqueline Shipe, How to Overcome Automation Trepidation by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine May 2015

Everything You NEED TO KNOW about Piper “Legacy” Autopilots by Bob Hart, CamGuard Confession: Aviation’s Most Comprehensive and Controversial Oil Additive by Jim Cavanagh, A Tale of Two Cubs Born in the `30s by Bill Cox, 10 Quick-and-Dirty Tips to Enhanced Oil System Maintenance by Jacqueline Shipe, Airplane Partnerships: How to Find the Right Plane and the Perfect Partner by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine April 2015

From Classic Twin to Modern Masterpiece – The Story Behind Mike Jones’ Legendary Lock & Key Navajo by Max Lundin, Interior Plastic Repairs & Replacement by Jim Cavanagh, Renter’s Aircraft Insurance Coverage – The Hidden Danger by Marci Veronie, A Minimalist’s Guide to Airplane Tire Care & Maintenance, 7 Simple Tips to Safely Extend the Life of your Tires and Save You Money!, Piper Saratoga II TC: Six-Pack to Go by Bill Cox, Flight Plan for a Hangar…and Half an Airplane by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine March 2015

ADS-B Today: The Manufacturers: Tech & Tactics to Watch by Bob Hart, Preserving the Passion & Privilege of Flight by Floyd Allen, Air Plains’ Innovative STC Safely Uses Auto Fuel and Saves Operators Thousands in Fuel Expense by Jim Cavanagh, Featured Plane: How to “Boldly” Promote your Warrior to an Archer by Bill Cox, Electrical Troubleshooting by Jacqueline Shipe, Rod Machado’s New How-to Manual Hits all the Right Buttons by Bill Cox, The Circle of Flight – Living the Dream by Tom Machum

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Pipers Magazine February 2015

What you can do NOW to meet and exceed the Looming ADS-B mandate by Bob Hart, MyAircraftLogs and the Evolution of Logging by Max Lundin, Preheat from afar with Far Start Technologies by Max Lundin, Choosing the Right Plane: Logic vs. Emotion by Marci Veronie, Featured Plane The Pressurized Navajo by Bill Cox, How to Pinpoint Pitot-Static System Problems by Jacqueline Shipe

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