2023 Issues

Piper Magazine November 2023

8 Featured Plane
Piper Turbo Arrow III: Scott Sherer’s Sleek 1977 PA-28R
16 Avionics
Situational Awareness: ForeFlight
20 Sky Talk
Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?
24 Not Your Father’s Salvage:
32 Maintenance Test Flights for GA Pilots
36 A Maintenance-Induced Emergency:
38 Navigating the FAA’s Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS)
46 Hangar Tip
Static Takeoff or Rolling Takeoff?

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Pipers Magazine October 2023

8 Featured Plane
Versatile Piper Twin: Aztec Has Big Advantages for Veteran Pilot Aaron Lewis
16 Avionics
Personal Minimums
20 Sky Talk
Fly More, Save More! Reducing the Variable Expenses of Ownership
24 I Want to Paint My Plane. Now What?
34 Arrow Speed Mods: Do They Work?
44 Industry News
46 Hangar Tip
Catch Propeller Nicks Before They Become Cracks

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PIPERS Magazine September 2023

8 Featured Plane
Trailblazing Archer II Comes Back to Life
14 Avionics
Custom Panels: Superior Aircraft Components
20 Sky Talk
Flying Uninsured
22 Ceramic Coat Your Airplane:
34 Cylinder Baffling & Keeping Your Engine Cool
38 Ensuring a Lien Release Is FAA-Approved
44 Industry News
46 Hangar Tip
Correcting Headset Mistakes

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Pipers Magazine August 2023

8 Featured Plane
Cherokee Charm: Tim Fitzgerald’s 23 Years With HIs PA-28-180
14 Avionics
What’s Going on at Genesys Aerosystems
20 Sky Talk
The Basics of Aviation Insurance
22 Turbo Arrow III Transformation:
32 Repairing Piper Fuel Tanks:
44 Industry News
Press Brief — State of the Transition to Unleaded Avgas on GAMA YouTube
46 Hangar Tip
Member Submissions

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PIPERS Magazine July 2023

8 Featured Plane
Cherokee Six Market Report & Tips
16 Avionics
Carbon Monoxide Revisited
20 Sky Talk
Modifications and Upgrades:
How Improvements Affect Insurance
22 Wings of Hope
24 Repairing Piper Fuel Tanks:
34 Preparing for Your Next Flight Review
44 Industry News
46 Hangar Tip
Replacement Air Vents:
Obvious Innovations Product Review

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PIPERS Magazine May 2023

8 Featured Plane: A Bold New Arrow Flies
18 Avionics: TKM and More
22 Sky Talk : Do Runways Matter? Off Airport Operations and Safety
26 Bringing an Arrow II Back to Life
36 5 Keys to Aircraft Prebuy Success
46 Hangar Tip: Window Replacement and Tinting

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PIPERS Magazine April 2023

8 Featured Plane: Sean Sullivan’s Renovated Cherokee 235
18 Avionics: Electronic Conspicuity
22 Sky Talk: Save Money With Owner-Assisted Annuals
28 ELT & PLB Rescue Equipment
34 The Genius of Raymond L. Meisenheimer
46 Hangar Tip: Lightspeed’s Trade-Up Discount

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PIPERS Magazine March 2023

8 David Gasmire’s Aviation Legacy & His Beloved Super Cub
18 Avionics: IFR “Lite”
22 Sky Talk: What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat
26 1973 Piper Cherokee 140 Upgrade
34 Product Review: Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review
46 Hangar Tip: Engravers.Net – Makers of Aircraft Placards and More

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PIPERS Magazine February 2023

8 Piper Cherokee 180 Market Report & Tips
16 Avionics Q&A: Recommendations on Slide-ins, GPS, and More
20 Sky Talk: Tips and Traps in Warranties
24 1985 Dakota Interior Restoration and Panel Upgrade
30 How to Repaint Interior Plastic Trim
34 What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Control
46 Hangar Tip: Annual Inspection Checklist

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