2019 Issues

Pipers Magazine September 2019

8 Featured Plane: Piper Cherokee Six

16 Avionics: Old School

22 Maintenance: Replenishing the System, A do-it-yourself guide to oil & filter changes

26 Sky Talk: IFR or VFR? Your rating’s impact on insurance costs

32 Tips & Tales From the Left Seat: Some Tips for VFR Planning

46 Hangar Tip: How to Clean Your Yoke Shaft

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Pipers Magazine August 2019

8 Cherokee 140: Piper’s simple, versatile, excellent entry-level plane

16 Avionics: Garmin’s New Products

22 Maintenance: Spark Plug Primer

30 The Aesthetics of the Spinner: By Jim Cavanagh

38 Sky Talk: Owner Maintenance: Balancing Expertise and Safety

54 Hangar Tip: How to Replace or Repaint Your Hubcaps

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Pipers Magazine July 2019

8 Piper J-3 Cub: The Gentleman of Piper’s Planes

18 Avionics: Garmin’s New GPS Solutions

24 Maintenance: Reading the Signs: How to Listen to Your Engine

30 Sky Talk: Insurance After Major Modifications

36 Restoration: Why You Should Install Shoulder Harnesses

44 Vortex Generators: Are They Worth It?

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Pipers Magazine June 2019

8 Piper Malibu Mirage: The Ultimate Piston Single

18 Avionics: uAvionix skyBeacon Install

26 Maintenance: Change Your Own Brake Pads

32 20 Things to Consider About
Flying at Night

36 Sky Talk: How to Calculate Cost of Ownership

46 Hangar Tip: About Running Lean of Peak

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Pipers Magazine May 2019

8 Piper Arrow 180: Gentle and Retractable

16 Avionics: uAvionix and the “Beacons”

22 skyBeacon Installation Tips & Tricks

28 Sky Talk: Float Planes and Insurance

32 Restoration: Wing Walk Replacement

36 Airtext Offers In-Flight Texting

46 Hangar Tip: Budget Restoration: Placards

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Pipers Magazine April 2019

8 Piper Comanche 250/260

16 Avionics: Avidyne and the IFD

22 Tips & Tales: Flying the Missed Approach

28 Maintenance & Upgrades: Propeller Paint: Not a DIY Project

34 Sky Talk: Insuring Your Avionics

38 News: Bulletin from Continental, Whelen
Buys LoPresti, Wing Spar AD Update

46 Tech Tip from the Hangar: Inexpensive Upgrades

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Pipers Magazine March 2019

8 Piper 235/236: Pathfinder and Dakota Offer Four Seats and Great Performance

16 Avionics: Your Options for ADS-B In

22 Tips & Tales: Avoid a Tailplane Stall

28 Maintenance & Upgrades: How to Make Your Own Plastic Repairs

34 Air Show Insurance: Do You Need It?

38 News: Piper Responds to Proposed AD

44 Tech Tip from the Hangar: Why You Need Sun Shades

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Pipers Magazine February 2019

6 Piper Apache: An Affordable Twin

14 Avionics: Slide-In Solutions

20 Tips & Tales: Flying Ice-Free in Winter

26 Sky Talk: Hangars & Premises (and their impact on insurance)

32 Maintenance & Restoration: Upgrading to an Electronic Clock

36 News: AD Proposed for Wing Spars, uAvionix Patent, More

45 Tech Tip from the Hangar: Music and News on a Sirius/XM
Receiver You Can Install

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