Cessna Owner Magazine - 03/2014 - Digital

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March 2014

10 Part 23 Rewrite: The Times May be A-Changin’ (if we’re lucky)
By Steven Sokol

20 Flying for Philanthropy: How to Use Your Airplane and Abilities to Help Others
By Floyd Allen

26 Expert Advice on Avionics and What to Look for in a Good Deal
By Bob Hart

36 Aviation Education: Understanding Stalls & Spins
By Scott Stahl

40 What’s Shakin’? Combat the Oft-ignored Dangers of Airframe and Engine Vibration with Dynamic Balancing
By Matthew Dock

44 Featured Plane: Cessna’s Corvalis TTx
By Bill Cox

52 Tempest Tech Tip: Unraveling the mystery of Oil Filter ADB Valves
By Tom Ferguson

58 Under the Cowling: 6 Simple Strategies to Get Your Plane in Ship-shape for Spring
By Jacqueline Shipe

64 What to Know: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Rig a Crooked Flying Airplane
By Tom Ferguson

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