Cessna Owner Magazine - 03/2023

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March 2023
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8 Charlie Gasmire’s Airplane Academy
And Why Charlie Thinks the Skylane is the Best All-Around GA plane
By Dan Brownell
Visit Airplane Academy here: https://airplaneacademy.com/

16 Avionics: IFR “Lite”
By Bob Hart

20 Sky Talk
Musical Chairs: What the FAA and Insurance Companies Say About the Left and Right Seat
By Scott “Sky” Smith

24 Neglected 172: Bargain or Money Pit?
Auction Find Restored After 12 Years in a Field
By Dan Brownell

30 Product Review:
Lightspeed Delta Zulu Headset Review
By Scott Sherer
Visit LIghtspeed Aviation’s website https://www.lightspeedaviation.com/

34 What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Control
Adapted Excerpts from The Pilot’s Guide to Air Traffic Control
By Andy Watson
Learn more about this book at https://www.atcbook.com/

38 Industry News

46 Hangar Tip
Where to Find Lubrication Information
By Elizabeth Gibbs
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Photo of Charlie Gasmire’s 1975 Skylane and David Gasmire’s 1970 Super Cub by Jack Fleetwood (www.JackFleetwood.com).

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