Cessna Owner Magazine - 06/2013 - Digital

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June 2013

8 Beat the Heat in Hot Flying Conditions
By Mike Adams

10 Brake Breakdown: Part 1 – Find the Right Brakes
By Max Lundin

16 Don’t Forget Avionics at Annual Time
By Bob Hart

28 Maintenance Basics Every Pilot Should Know
By Scott Stahl

34 Featured Plane: 207 Stationair, Cessna’s Stretched Single
By Bill Cox

44 The Right Way to Check Spark Plug Resistors
By Tempest Aviation

49 How to Inspect, Test, and Maintain Fuel Injector Nozzles
By Jacqueline Shipe

54 Destination: Baton Rouge
By Floyd Allen

60 Piloting on Mars
By Bill Cox

68 Destination: Lansing, Illinois
By Steve Lundin

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