Cessna Owner Magazine - 06/2016 - Digital

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June 2016

10 Performance Through Power: Part 3 Engine Upgrades for Workhorse Cessnas
By Jim Cavanagh

18 Avionics: Transform Your Dilapidated King Radio into the Pride of Your Panel
By Bob Hart

24 Featured Plane: The 172 Skyhawk Middle-Aged Hawk, The 38-year-old Skyhawk Hasn’t Lost Its Luster
By Bill Cox

34 What I Did on My Winter Vacation: Part 1 The Citation M2
By Scott Sherer

44 8 Tactics to Reduce the Risks of an In-Flight Emergency
By Scott Sherer

50 Are YOU Prepared for Water Egress?
By Randy Boone

54 How to Prepare for (and Survive) and Emergency Landing
By Randy Gerke

62 Sky Talk: “But I Thought I Was Covered”, The Shocking Truth About Insurance Gaps When Attending Air Shows
By Scott “Sky” Smith

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