Cessna Owner Magazine - 07/2016 - Digital

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July 2016

10 Performance Through Power: Part 4 Engine Upgrade Options for 200 Series Cessnas
By Jim Cavanagh

20 Avionics: Working the ANGLES, The New Age of Angle of Attack Technology
By Bob Hart

30 Young Eagles, Bald Eagles and the Perpetuation of General Aviation
By Floyd Allen

36 A Cessna Manufacturing Plant Tour
By Scott Sherer

42 Featured Plane: The 177 Cardinal “Straight Leg”
By Bill Cox

48 The Ninety Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots
By Donia Moore

54 Sky Talk: Truth & Lies in Liability, Understanding Non-Owned Insurance
By Scott “Sky” Smith

64 Lessons: Engine Break-In: Easier Than You Think
By Bill Cox

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