Cessna Owner Magazine - 08/2020

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August 2020

What’s Inside…

8 Featured Plane
Sixty-Four Years of Skylanes
Still a best seller
By Bill Cox

14 Owner’s Perspective
By Travis Latham

16 Avionics
Old Stuff
Gyros, autopilots, and more
By Bob Hart

20 Sky Talk
Flying Past TBO
Factors to consider
By Scott “Sky” Smith

24 Are Vortex Generators Worth It?
The consensus seems to be yes
By Rocky Landsverk

28 Company Profile
Repair Over Replacement
Services that can save owners money

30 Lessons From the Logbook
Making Sense of the Back-Course Approach
How to prepare before you encounter one
By Bill Cox

46 Hangar Tip
How to Degrease Your Airplane’s Belly
By Jeff Cooper

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