Cessna Owner Magazine - 09/2018 - Digital

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September 2018
What’s inside …

6 Featured Plane: Cessna Aerobat:
The Perfect Aerobatic Trainer
By Bill Cox

10 Instructor’s Perspective
Why the Aerobat is the Perfect Aerobatics Training Plane
By Catherine Cavagnaro

16 Maintenance
The Scariest Word in Aircraft Ownership: CORROSION
Why You Need to Check for Hidden Corrosion Before it Becomes Expensive or Deadly
By Scott Sherer

30 The View from My Hangar
Why is My Plane So Slow?
By Erich Rempert

24 Avionics
“Take the Load off Fanny!”
How Modern Avionics Features Can Reduce Pilot Load
By Bob Hart

32 Sky Talk
Affordability in the 2018 Economy
Your Options for Owning, Sharing or Leasing an Airplane
By Scott “Sky” Smith

36 Restoration Product Review: Precision Vertical Card Compass
Columbus Never Had it So Good
By Scott Sherer

48 The View from My Hangar
Have You Ever Looked at Your Mechanic’s Airplane?
Why Your Mechanic’s Life Story Matters To You
By Erich Rempert

54 Tech Tip from the Hangar
Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
By Erich Rempert

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