Cessna Owner Magazine - 11/2017 - Digital

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November 2017
What’s inside …

10 Let’s Talk Overhauls!
Part 4: Overhaul Decisions
OEM or Aftermarket Parts?
By Jim Cavanagh

26 Cessna 441: The Jet Killer
Fly High, Fast and Far … at a Fraction of the Cost
By Daniel J. Moore

20 Featured Plane
Conquest II: Cessna’s Almost King Air Competitor
By Bill Cox

34 Avionics
How to Pick the PERFECT Panel
Part 3: The Perfect Panel for Medium (or Harder!) IFR
By Bob Hart

42 Tips & Tales from the Left Seat
Know Where You Are Going!
By Joel Turpin

47 The View from My Hangar
The Shocking Truth about
Unapproved Wiring
By Erich Rempert

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